Here and Now

by… Mike Naber and Scott Stine


2003 Concert Version (from album “Here and Now”):

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2014 Acoustic Version (from album “Twenty-Five”):

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You are my God, and I am Your Child
And all I want is to be with You here and now
To adore You with my heart,
And with a song that you’ve inspired
I give You everything here and now

You are the God of all creation
Lord I long to sing your praise
You are the Prince of Peace,
The Lord, the God above
Lord it’s a privilege to be here
in Your holiness and grace
Here and now, Lord
I give You my love
Here and now, Lord
I give You my love


Words and Music by Mike Naber and Scott Stine
Concert Version ©2003 LifePoint Church
Recorded at LifePoint Church 2003 on the live recording “Here and Now”
Acoustic Version ©2014 LifePoint Church
Studio Recording from the album “Twenty-Five”
All rights reserved