Celebration (25th Anniversary Weekend)


with Pastor George Feiser

Weekend Worship at LifePoint Church, Plano Texas

Song Lyric Sheet>> PDFicon

Moment Made For Worshipping itunesicon

More Than Amazing LPCicon

Awesome God itunesicon

The Name Of Jesus Chris LPCicon

Announcements For 10/12/14>> PDFicon

Message: Celebration (25th Anniversary Weekend)>> PDFicon

Video:  25 Years of LifePoint Church vimeoicon

Amazing Grace – My Chains Are Gone itunesicon


Want to go deeper into the teaching material for today?

Check out Pastor Doug’s LifeGroups video “Phillipians Part 6” vimeoicon

Download the new LPC Worship album “Twenty-Five” LPCicon


Thank you for joining us today!

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